1970 - 1979

Elite on a platform
1st of May 1970,
Red Square. Moscow
76 x 94,5 cm
After the invasion of the Soviet forces, the world to the west of us lived in the euphoria of prosperity and freedom, but in our country time stood still. lt was as if that Iron Curtain had managed to trap beneath itself and immobilise the untameable element of passing time itself'.

In my studio, a few steps away from Prague Castle, the seat of power, cycles of prints gradually emerged, but at the end of the Seventies 1 produced more and more paintings. In 1981 I created the Illusion and Reality cycle. The subject consisted of stories inspired by photographs of soldiers taken shortly before their departure to the battles of the First World War. It was a cycle full of grief, because war has brought humanity so much suffering. But I had an ever greater longing for at least some small flash of' exultation in life. I found it in the intoxicating realism of the old masters. Since time was standing still there was nowhere to hurry to, and so I was able to draw variations on their motifs humbly and at leisure. In the theme Vanitas, sequenced profiles in the transformations of time once again made an appearance.

Since the burden of the time was increasing, and I could only get rid of heavy thoughts by painting and drawing them, I produced another warning cycle inspired by Horace's words ``Beware of searching for what will be tomorrow!" After the prints and pictures on the theme of "Bestia triumphans" I painted and drew yet another oppressive cycle, "Commedia dell' arte". I only succeeded in liberating myself from these themes after the revolution in 1989.
Play for 122 person
dry point, mezzotint
63 x 49,5 cm
Monsieur Riviere entre nous
dry point, mezzotint
50 x 62 cm
Mademoiselle Riviere entre nous
dry point, mezzotint
49,5 x 63 cm
Il soriso
(after Baldovinetti)
dry point, mezzotint
92 x 63 cm
Lucrezia Panciati
(after Bronzio)
46 x 31 cm
Belle epoque?
dry point, mezzotint
96 x 64 cm
The last spring
of my grandmother
dry point, mezzotint
99 x 75 cm
Milada A.
pencil, acrylic
70 x 100 cm