Collection of Primary Art

African art touch to us with undescribable strength, inpresiv riches of forms, with deep humanity and mysterious messages into future. It has revolutionary effect on 20. century art and is for ever life-giving source of clean water in multifarious mosaic world cultur.

Jiri Anderle, autumn 2003


Face mask with extension in ancestor figure
Mosi, Burkina Faso, 19. century, wood, patina

Donator Fred Dahlmann

Face mask, image of warior
Bakubo, Kongo, 20. century, wood, pigment, feather,
45 cm high
Head-piece mask ,decorate with motiv of predecessors couple
Bokubo, Burkina Faso, 19. century, wood, patina,
58 cm high
Face mask with cape, hairstyle with horse-motive
Bobo - Fing, Burkina Faso, 19. century, wood, patina,
100 cm high
Extension mask - antilope male
Bambaro, Mali, 20 century,
wood, patina, 78 cm high
Donator Jaques Ludovicy
Extension mask used by secret community Egungun
Jorubo, Nigeria, 19.-20. century, wood, polychromy, 100 cm high
Equatorian statue of ancesor
Dogon, Mali, 19. century, wood, patina, high 142 cm
Darovali Michaela a Jiri Krizek
Figure of ancestor with child
Lobio, Ivory Coast, 19.-20. century, wood, patina, 93 cm high
Donator Roland Hutter
Two ancestors -one from four first human couples
Dogon, Mali, 19. century, wood
Figure member of ruler family
Kubo - Dengese, Kongo, 19. century, wood
Figure of ancestor with child
- maternal motive, figure sitting on stool aschant type
Dogon, Mali, 20. century, wood, patina, high 68 cm
Drum back up with horse
Bago, Guinea, 19.-20. century, wood, patina, leather membrane, high 72 cm