In September 2001 was established "Foundation Milada and Jiri Anderle".
Anderle's Foundation and town district Prague 6 grounded together
"Public beneficial society Pelle villa".



Opening of that gallery starts my and my wife dreams to be truth and no words of thanks can be enough strong. I am wery greateful to mayor of Prague 6 and present chief magistrate of Prague Mr. Pavel Behm which starts dream with me that dream. I am also much obliged to present major of Prague 6 Mr. Tomas Chalupa, which realize that dream. My thanks belongs also Mrs. Marie Kousalikova and Mr. Bohumil Beranek from town-hall Prague 6, who dedicate a lot of time to build that gallery. And - dreams can be without limits - that showed me President of Czech Republic Mr. Vaclav Klaus which inaugurate "Galerie Anderle". J.A.

President of Czech republic Mr. Vaclav Klaus
with Mr. Anderle at gallery opening day
President of Czech republic Mr. Vaclav Klaus
with Mrs. Milada Anderle at gallery opening day


I belive, that opening "Galerie Anderle" in gorgeous Pelle villa, which is also on list of historic relicts of Prague and exibition extraordinary artworks of Primary African art and also Mr. Anderle's artworks shows, that Prague 6 is one of major curtural centers in Prague. I hope, that "Galerie Anderle" will be good acquisition for our citizens and also for many tourist wisiting Prague.


Tomas Chalupa
Major of Prague 6

Major of Prague 6 Mr. Tomas Chalupa with Ing. arch. Jarmil Srpa and parliamentary Mrs. Nemcova